Welcome Prof. Ronghou Liu, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China to be the TPC!

  • August 20, 2021

Prof. Ronghou Liu, Shanghai JiaoTong University, China

刘荣厚,男,博士,现任上海交通大学农业与生物学院资源与环境系长聘教授、二级教授,博士生导师,农业与生物学院生物质能工程研究中心主任,学科带头人。曾任国务院学位委员会第五届学科评议组成员,现兼任教育部高等学校教学指导委员会副主任委员(2013-2017,2018-2022)。2008年度美国康奈尔大学-唐氏基金获得者。荣获2020年上海交通大学“教书育人奖”(个人奖)二等奖,入选爱思唯尔2020年“中国高被引学者”榜单。兼任中国农业工程学会、中国沼气学会等国家级学会理事;担当Fuel Processing Technology等4个SCI期刊编委;5个EI期刊编委等职务。
自1984年以来,一直从事可再生能源与环境保护方面的教学、科研与培训工作。主持及参加科研课题多项,获得多项奖励。主编著作及教材9部,发表期刊论文220余篇,其中,在能源与燃料领域著名期刊:Progress in Energy and Combustion Science,Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,Bioresource Technology,Fuel,Fuel Processing Technology, Renewable Energy等发表SCI收录论文120余篇,发表EI收录论文50余篇,发表中文核心期刊论文50余篇。H指数33。以第一发明人获中国国家发明专利授权26项。目前,主要从事生物质能工程方面的研究,包括:生物质热裂解制取生物油技术、沼气技术、燃料乙醇技术、生物炭技术、农业生物质特性分析、能源系统等方面的研究。

Ronghou Liu, Ph.D, Full Professor with Tenure, Department of Resource and Environment, School of Agriculture and Biology, Shanghai JiaoTong University(SJTU), P.R. China. He is director of Biomass Energy Engineering Research Centre, School of Agriculture and Biology, SJTU. He was former Member of Agricultural Engineering Discipline Evaluation Group of State Department Degree Committee of China; He is vice director of Teaching Steering Committee of Colleges and Universities of Ministry of Education of China(2013-2017;2018-2022). He won Cornell University Tang Scholarship in 2008. He was selected as 2020 Highly Cited Chinese Researcher of Elsevier in 2021.At present, he is executive member of  Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, executive member of Chinese Biogas Society, etc; He is editorial board members of four SCI and five EI journals such as 《Fuel Processing Technology》(SCI),《International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering》(SCI),etc.
He has done teaching and research work in the field of renewable energy and environment since 1984. He studied at Tsukuba International Centre of JICA, Japan in 1995. He worked at Department of Thermal Science and Energy Engineering at University of Science and Technology of China within 1997-1999 as a post doctoral researcher. He did research at Bio-energy Research Group of Aston University, UK within 2000-2001. Professor Liu has had a lot of experience in conducting International and National research projects in the field of biomass energy. He published 9 books as an editor-in –chief  and more than 220 papers in SCI and EI journals and has obtained 26 China Invention Patents. H index is 33. At present, the main research fields are pyrolysis, biogas, fuel ethanol, biochar, characteristics of biomass, energy systems, etc.

Representative Publications:
[1] Ronghou Liu, Manobendro Sarker, Md. Maksudur Rahman ,et al.Multi-scale complexities of solid acid catalysts in the catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass for bio-oil production –A review[J]. Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 80(2020)100852. (SCI,IF29.394).
[2]Yifeng He, Yingnan Zhao, Meiyun Chai, Zhongyue Zhou, Manobendro Sarker, Chong Li, Ronghou Liu*, Junmeng Cai, Xinghua Liu.  Comparative study of fast pyrolysis, hydropyrolysis and catalytic hydropyrolysis of poplar sawdust and rice husk in a modified Py-GC/MS microreactor system: Insights into product distribution, quantum description and reaction mechanism[J].  Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 119 (2020) 109604.(SCI,IF 14.982).
[3] Qiong Yu, Ronghou Liu*, Kun Li, Ruijie Ma. A review of crop straw pretreatment methods for biogas production by anaerobic digestion in China[J]. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2019, 107:51-58.(SCI,IF 14.982).
[4] Qiong Yu, Chen Sun, Ronghou Liu* , et al.Anaerobic co-digestion of corn stover and chicken manure using continuous stirred tank reactor: The effect of biochar addition and urea pretreatment[J]. Bioresource Technology Volume 319, January 2021, 124197. (SCI,IF 9.642).  
[5] Chen Sun, Weixing Cao, Charles J. Banks, Sonia Heaven, Ronghou Liu*.Biogas production from undiluted chicken manure and maize silage: a study of ammonia inhibition in high solids anaerobic digestion[J]. Bioresource Technology, Volume 218, October 2016, Pages 1215-1223.