Welcome Prof. Zhisheng Yu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China to be the TPC!

  • July 13, 2021

Prof. Zhisheng Yu, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

余志晟,中国科学院大学教授、博士生导师,曾在英国牛津大学工程科学系做访问研究,以色列希伯来大学生命科学院做博士后。任环境微生物技术联合实验室常务副主任和中国生态学会微生物专委会委员等。主要研究领域为能源与环境科学,主要从事环境固废资源化与污染损害评估、生物能源及微生物修复技术等。在煤生物转化甲烷、纤维素转化乙醇、微生物溯源技术、微生物菌剂研发方面取得了一些重要的研究成果,有的已经实际应用。在Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews、GCB Bioenergy、Bioresource Technology、Biotechnology for Biofuels和Water Research 等学术期刊上发表论文100余篇,申请与授权的专利10多件。作为负责人承担了重点研发计划课题和自然科学基金项目等。

Zhisheng Yu, professor and doctoral supervisor at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He  has a deep cooperation with Department of Engineering Science of Oxford University in the United Kingdom as a visiting researcher, and the School of Life Sciences of the Hebrew University of Israel as a postdoctoral fellow. He is also invited as the executive deputy director of the Environmental Microbiology Technology Joint Laboratory and the key member of the Microbiology Committee of the Chinese Ecological Society. The main research field of Prof. Yu is energy and environmental science, and his major interest of research is environmental solid waste recycling and pollution damage assessment, bio-energy and microbial remediation technology. Several prominent outcomes have been converted into practical applications, such as the bioconversion of coal to methane, conversion of cellulose to ethanol, microbial source tracking, and microbial inoculant products. More than 100 research papers have been published in high-level journals such as Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, GCB Bioenergy, Bioresource Technology, Biotechnology for Biofuels and Water Research, and over 10 patents has been authorized or in patent prosecution. As the person in charge, he was supported and undertaken multiple key research and development projects and natural science fund projects.